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Confocal Equipment

How SurfaceScope™ Works

The Computer
The computer used for the SurfaceScope™; system must have at least the following characteristics:

· Pentium II
· 300 MHz
· 128 MB RAM
· Windows NT Workstation 4.0

Video Camera
Currently, this camera and framegrabber combination must be one supported by Image-Pro Plus 4.0.

Confocal Module
Several different confocal modules are available. Each one offers distinct advantages for specimens of different types. The confocal module isolates the coordinates of image points on the specimen so that they can be accurately located in 3-dimensions.

Microscope Stage Motor Controller (Focus Controller)
This unit receives commands from the computer and controls the focus motor attached to the Z-stage. Currently, the SurfaceScope™ application interfaces with any focus controller supported by ScopePro 4.0.

Z-Axis Motor
This stepping motor attaches to the fine-focus knob of the microscope. It is supplied with the controller. It may be built into the microscope.

Principles of Operation
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