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Optical Devices
Confocal Equipment
Optical Components
 Raman Lens
 Fiber Optic Face Plate
 Target Mirrors
 Bar Code Reading
 Lens Afocal Attachment
 Laser Diode Collimator

Optical Systems
 Line Generator
 Non Contact Probe
 Confocal Microscope

 Inspection Station

 Lens Translator
 Image Processing
 Machine Control
 Integration Of Commercial
    3D Renderers

 User Interfaces

Confocal Equipment
 Slider Paddle

Triptar was founded in 1993 in order to build a company devoted to the design and development of optical systems incorporating fine mechanics, electronics, and software control. It is still a small company, but it has managed and delivered several large and sophisticated development projects. Triptar also designs and manufactures lenses on contract for subassemblies in medical and industrial devices.


4-axis Non-contact Probe