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Please choose a field for a list of the current job openings. When you find an opening that suits you please email your resume and cover letter to us at:

Or, you may send a paper copy to the following address:

      Human Resources Department
      Triptar Lens Company
      439 Monroe Avenue
      Rochester, NY 14607

Sorry, there are NO current Job Openings

Please re-visit this page in the near future.

Triptar is a small company. We design and build electro-optical instruments on contract.

Every customer's technical requirement and schedule is supremely important.

Each one of us has fundamental responsibilities in his or her own area of expertise. We are expected to work independently and to make independent contributions. We coach each other through difficult problems. Those with more experience are expected to provide more coaching support.

Each one of us has a passionate interest in our professions. We each know something about our colleague's jobs. Not in order to compete with or replace our colleagues, but to appreciate how each of our contributions create a whole product and a satisfied customer. We are often asked to contribute our insight or our effort towards the completion of tasks not strictly anyone's unique responsibility but nevertheless important to the functioning of the company.

Currently, there are no career tracks but rather continuous learning. Each one of us enjoys our profession and uses Triptar to exercise our enthusiasm for technology and its applications.