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SurfaceScope™ Specifications

Triptar's surface profiling tool, SurfaceScope™ renders 3D images of surfaces. It is combined with a standard or customized microscope to extract height information throughout the field of view. Acquisition is extremely fast. Resolution is limited only by the microscope and the electronic camera used to capture the images.

SurfaceScope™ steps through a range of focus at each field of view. In other words, it scans the volume. Then, the entire data set is rendered as a 3D topological map. Adjacent fields of view can be stitched together to render a large surface area with 25 nanometer vertical resolution.

With a vertical accuracy of one-tenth micron, a volume 10 microns in depth or height covering one field of view can be scanned in 90 seconds. Vertical accuracy of 25 nanometers can be achieved over the same field of view with an acquisition time of 6 minutes. That menas a measuring speed of 3,600 topological points per second with 25 nanometer height resolution!

At 100x magnification, one field of view is typically 75 x 85 microns. Since SurfaceScope™ can divide the field of view into 1.3 million poins and acquire one level of height in 3 seconds, the data throughput can be defined as 433,000 height points per second. Transverse resolution at 100x is .075 microns; therefore, when scanning a volume of 10 microns depth and 75 x 85 microns area, we can define one full volume element as a column 10 microns tall x .075 microns x .085 microns wide. SurfaceScope™ can probe 14,400 volume elements per second with a vertical accuracy of 0.1 microns.

Limiting vertical accuracy and repeatability = 25 nanometers (Z)

Limiting transverse accuracy and repeatability = 40 nanometers (XY)

Maximum scanning speed at limiting resolution = 3,600 topological points per second.

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