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Modules and Sub-assemblies

Triptar designs and manufactures optical modules and sub-assemblies for OEMs. Here are the stories behind three such products.

High Dynamic Range Laser Line Generator


The challenge was to form a thin sheet of laser illumination with a very high peak to base intensity ratio. In certain profiling applications, back reflections can overwhelm a sensor. The typical dynamic range for a diode laser line projector is 100:1 in the cross-scan dimension. The peak intensity is 100 times the intensity of the line when measured against the background just a few millimeters away from the peak. Triptar redesigned a laser diode projector to achieve a 5000:1 dynamic range by suppressing the background intensity of the projected sheet of light and preserving its peak intensity.

Up-Down Microscope for a Wafer Alignment System


The client needed a vision guidance system for a next-generation bond aligner with sub-micron accuracy and the capability to handle 300 millimeter silicon wafers. Older models in the product line handled smaller wafers with larger features and 2 micron alignment accuracy. The new model's much larger size presented unprecedented challenges for rigidity and stability in the opto-mechanical performance specifications. The optical systems had to be long and slender. Some of the requirements were:


The solution was to put two independent imaging systems inside of a single rectangular tube. To get the length needed to span the distance between mounting points on the gantry and minimize the weight and sag, several intricately carved bars of T7075-T6 aluminum were attached end to end. Coaxial illumination was provided by widening the tubes at the ends near the camera mounting points. Kinematic stages at both ends attached the optical systems to the gantry's mounting points.


The prototypes performed flawlessly. Modifications were implemented to simplify manufacturing and improve initial alignment procedures. Production started at three pairs of systems per year.

Light-pipe Illumination System for High Throughput Fluorescence Microscopy

Replace the factory supplied illumination system for an OEM fluorescent microscope system to improve brightness and uniformity. The first phase of the project involved a careful assessment of the design and performance of the original illumination system. The second phase involved the selection of a light-pipe with appropriate specifications and the opto-mechanical design of the relay optics needed to project the pupil and field stops with the correct magnifications into the correct locations within the microscope. The third phase involved the installation of the new parts and acceptance testing of a prototype. The design and prototype were delivered to the client company for its own production.

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