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Optical Devices
Confocal Equipment


Triptar designs and manufactures optical components for OEMs or for special, low volume, custom applications.

Raman Lens


Objective lens for a spectrometer used in the analysis of Raman scattering. This lens operates at f/1.8. It was designed for the near UV to Blue region of the spectrum.

Spherical Fiber Optic Face Plate


Convert a plane image to a spherically curved image.

Magnetic Autocollimation Target Mirrors


Large, 3-inch diameter mirrors that attach to a ferrous plate with arc-second alignment accuracy.

Laser Diode Collimators


OEM lenses for a laser leveler. Triptar worked directly with the Chinese factory that was hired to produce the lenses in large volumes.

Tip-Tilt-Rotate Stage


Provide milliradian alignment around three axes for specimens under a microscope. Primarily used to prepare the specimen for large scale scanning and stitching by aligning features of the specimen to the x and y axes of a motorized stage and matching the plane of the specimen to the object plane of the objective lens.

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